Introducing Sentinel

Looking for a reliable way to monitor your site’s accessibility?

Tenon Sentinel implements rapid, high-impact, and sustainable improvements to customer websites. Our subscription plan helps close the gap on non-compliance and provides key strategies for legal defense by addressing a number of the core arguments made by plaintiffs during lawsuit filings.

Tenon Sentinel isn’t an overlay— it’s a monitoring service that delivers real value by establishing the building blocks of a robust accessibility program while also improving your customer service capabilities. When combined with our full suite of resources, Sentinel can help you achieve web page accessibility perfection.

Protect From Unethical Lawsuits

Tenon’s Sentinel ongoing monitoring and point-of-contact service is an important component of your overall ADA compliance plan by improving your site and the services it provides to customers with disabilities. Being proactive is always better than reactive and Sentinel helps you in those efforts.

Pick Your Plan

Tenon Sentinel is a monthly subscription plan that can be purchased separately from other Tenon subscriptions. We offer two variations of Sentinel:

Unmanaged - Receive all of the tools in our Sentinel service, including Spline.js, A11y-POC, and ongoing Site Monitoring

White Glove - Enjoy prioritized assistance and accessibility to Tenon support, as well as full implementation and management of your service package. Sit back and relax while we manage your accessibility compliance needs on your behalf and manage your Accessibility Help Desk.


Spline.js is a tool that can automatically fix over 800 distinct failure conditions on your website. The extent to which things will be fixed depends largely on how inaccessible the site is. In practice, we’re able to fix an average of 46% of accessibility issues with Spline.

Spline’s fixes are enabled on page load, with no need for the end user to trigger the fixes manually. The fixes deployed by Spline are configurable by the user, having an immediate positive effect on the website without altering the site’s design or operation.


A11y-POC is a Point-of-Contact service that allows Tenon’s staff to be your front line in helping users who have accessibility challenges. The POC presents a form on your site, where users can enter a message describing their concern which, on submission, gets sent to Tenon. This service satisfies one of the most common complaints in accessibility lawsuits by addressing user’s issues directly and promptly.

Site Monitoring

Automatic Monitoring

While Spline.js is excellent at fixing a large number of accessibility issues, there are others that can’t be fixed because they’re either too complex or would necessitate changes to design or operation. This is where ongoing automatic monitoring comes in. On a regularly scheduled basis, we’ll test your site using Tenon. The results of this testing will be sent to you monthly, including reports like:

  • All new issues discovered this month
  • All issues repaired from the prior month
  • Duplicate issues discovered this month
  • A full list of issues.

You’ll also get an Executive Summary report in an accessible PDF document for sharing with stakeholders and executives.

Manual Testing

For customers of the Managed Sentinel, Tenon staff will do exhaustive manual testing of 10 components on your site during each 12-month period. This manual testing is done with the same rigorous methodology of the audits we’ve done for customers like Intuit, Adobe, Bed Bath & Beyond, US Olympic Committee, and dozens of others. We will work with you to determine which components will be tested. You are welcome to schedule or request one-time testing at any time during the period.

Accessibility Help Desk

The final component of Tenon Sentinel is the Accessibility Help Desk. Customers of the Managed Tenon Sentinel will get access to Tenon’s bench of elite accessibility experts and will have the ability to ask any accessibility-related questions that they may have.

Interested in Sentinel?

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